I don’t understand Side Piece Culture

Am i seriously writing about side pieces? I sure am.

I believe that side chicks have always existed. Men and woman for many generations have committed adultery and kept others on the side without anyone else knowing. We all have heard of someone cheating on their partners at motels and hotels. A man could have two girlfriends, and neither would know about each other. A woman could have an affair with her pool boy unbeknownst to her faithful husband.  After generations of cheating, it’s getting worse.

What’s so different about today is the openness that our generation has.

People are open about seeing multiple people at once. There isn’t any shame. I don’t see anything wrong with having an open relationship if everyone in the party agrees on the terms, but that’s not always the case. Usually, someone is left out in the dark, and that’s where things get messed up.

Cheaters will cheat, and cheating will always be wrong. I don’t care how you slice it. It’s wrong. It’s wrong on tests, and it’s wrong in relationships. It’s not fair to the victim whether that person was an excellent partner or not. I can understand why some people cheat, but does that make it right? No, it doesn’t. If you are unhappy, then say something. Speak up and make it clear what the problem is. Will it hurt? Maybe, but it’s the right thing. I rather be dumped than be cheated on.

Now, back to the side pieces.

I hear so many people brag about their side chicks or their side guys (is that what it’s even called? I don’t know.) I also hear women brag about being side chicks. When did it become the dream to become someone’s side chick? I don’t see the prize in it.

Everything that glimmers are not gold.

Side chicks don’t get all the benefits that they could get if they were the “main chick” or in my opinion, the only chick. The side chick gets sex and maybe a few dates, but where’s the security in that? There isn’t any love in that. The side chick goes home to an empty apartment while the guy you’re banging is with his main girl. Where does that leave the side chick in 10 or 20 years?

If one wants to be a side chick, I won’t judge them for living that lifestyle. It’s their choice, and while I might not understand it, I won’t judge it.

But I will judge side chicks for having main chick expectations. I see a lot of videos on the internet about guys complaining about this, and I get it. Side chicks and main chicks aren’t the same things. If you’re willing to be a side piece, then stay in your lane. Don’t agree to be a side piece hoping to take the main piece’s place. I hate people who think this plan works. It doesn’t so stop it.

If you want your own man, then get your own man and leave the taken one alone.

In conclusion, I don’t really care what people do with their relationships. It’s doesn’t affect me any. As long as my man stay faithful to me and only me, I don’t care. All I ask is that you make it clear what your relationship is from the beginning and not to play others.


One Comment on “I don’t understand Side Piece Culture

  1. I love the line “Cheating will always be wrong. It’s wrong on test and its wrong in relationships.” Best line I’ve seen so far! I believe an open relationship is a cop out. They’re trying so hard to avoid “commitment”, they rather feed into promiscuous, because you will never feel satisfied. In fact, I believe they try to fill the emptiness inside, which can never be filled with sex. And i do believe there is a great difference in sex vs. making love. This surge of open relationship, will start to have bad effects as it continues to grow.

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