ORS Curls Unleashed Review

I’m currently in a search for hair products that work well with my hair. I needed a non-Gel product that will define my hair. I came upon ORS Curls Unleashed line and thought it was something to try. In this post, I will explain how I used the products and will give my opinion on the results.

I bought ORS Curls Unleashed Curl Boosting Jelly and Shea butter & Mango Leave-in Conditioner. Both have a pleasant fruity scent. I used the products to do a Wash n Go.​

  1. I shampooed and conditioned my hair
  2. In sections, spritzed my hair with water, applied the leave-in conditioner, coconut oil, and then the curl boosting jelly in that order
  3. I raked my fingers through my hair for defining
  4. I then let it air dry

And here is the result:

My hair shrunk up, but that was to be expected. It was defined, and there was no crunch. I wore my hair like this the entire day, and at night, I used the banding method to stretch out my hair for elongation because I don’t care for the shrinkage look.


Here is how my hair looked the next day after it stretched overnight. It seemed pretty good, but it wasn’t defined as the first day. Most of the curls were frizzy and didn’t clump well, especially the back. I honestly could get this look with less work, so I wasn’t so happy with the result.


This picture shows my hair on the third day, and you can tell from my face that I was over it. My hair was a no-go that day, and I had somewhere to be so I put it up in a poof. When I do a Wash n Go, I expect my curls to last at least a week. The fact that this style barely made it past day one makes it a no for me. I will say that I do like it because I needed to use small amounts of both products.


What I think went wrong

  1. These products are very moisturizing, but it’s also very light on my hair. I know I didn’t use a lot of jelly in my hair, but I don’t think applying more would do anything to change the result. It’s a light product which might add to why there isn’t any crunch. Light products do not work for my type 4 hair since my hair doesn’t fall on its own. If your hair can fall on its own, then this could work for you, but I need the product to weigh my hair down.
  2. There isn’t much hold so it caused my hair to frizz up after day 1.

What Do I like About the Product?

  1. the scent
  2. the amount of product that needs to be used
  3. it’s moisturizing
  4. the jelly mixes well with cream

Final Thoughts

I believe these products are good products, but not on its own. I plan to use these two products with an eco styler gel and see how it holds up. I feel that the curl boosting jelly will succeed where the eco styler fails such as moisturizing while the eco styler will be able to define and hold my curls. I will try the mix on my next wash day and give an update.


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