The Panic Over Ecostyler Gel

Ecostyler has been the staple for many naturals for years and now that might be over.

What is the panic all about?

I personally never liked eco styler and had the same tub of it sitting in my room since 2015 when I first went natural. Even then, as a newbie, I never used it for a wash n go like I should have been. I used it to slick down my hair to put into buns like all the other gels were meant for, but Ecostyler was different.

It was the gel for naturals. It was the gel for curls. It was water based and alcohol-free, but is it all natural like most people first thought.

Recently, a YouTuber by the name of Bri Hall made a video about her deciding to stop using Ecostyler gels and why. She mentions an ingredient that is found in Eco Styler gel and other gels as well called Triethanolamine.

Triethanolamine has short-term side effects such as
watery and itchy eyes
dry hair
itchy skin
These side effects vary from person to person, and might not affect everyone.

This chemical is FDA approved, and products can only have 5% or less of this chemical in it due to the danger it poses.

It’s advised not to use these products for long-term and should be washed out daily.

What I don’t understand is…

​This news shouldn’t be such a shock because technically everything can kill you from the food we eat to the shampoo we use. Things have chemicals in it, so gels aren’t any different. Ecostyler shouldn’t get so much heat since they use the same ingredients that other gels and cosmetics use.

I don’t care if gels have TEA in them. I find it frustrating that this chemical is found in these hair products yet they aren’t meant to be used in excess. Honestly, what did they think we would use gel for? What would be the purpose to style our hair with the gel only to rinse it out the next day? I doubt anyone would want to do that.

It’s also frustrating that this chemical is found in every gel that I own. Now I’m agonizing over what I should do next.

To Cancel or not to Cancel

​Like I mentioned before, I never really cared for Eco styler gel. I recently tried it again on a Wash n Go, and while that Wash n Go looked gorgeous, I still hated how it felt. I have other creme gels with that chemical in it, but I’m not the type of person to waste money. I’m still debating on if I should throw it out or not care.

Whether or not you stop using these kinds of products is entirely up to you. It’s a decision we’re all going to have to make.


Bri Hall’s youtube channel


One Comment on “The Panic Over Ecostyler Gel

  1. Hair products all have some chemicals, (many we can’t describe) which can be harmful. In fact, I don’t put my trust in the FDA, since they don’t seem to update their regulations anyway. You have to purchase at your own risk. Chemicals are need to get the desired effect we “naturals” want for our hair. Personally, it depends on the person. Everyones hair chemistry is different for the individual. I personally don’t like gels, I hate the crunchy feeling. YUCK! LOL and like you I have ecostyler sitting on my dress for a year. Don’t plan to use it actually, i just got caught up in the fab!

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