How to spend less time doing your hair as a natural

Most people decide to quit their natural hair journey because they feel that their hair is hard to manage. They believe that their natural hair takes too long to do. It does take some time to one’s hair depending on the style they’re trying to achieve. A defined Wash n Go can take longer than an undefined afro.

You have to be confident with your hair to be a lazy natural. If you want perfect curls, then this guide isn’t for you. Note that if your hair is not healthy enough, please take the time to do what is right for your hair. Do not sacrifice your hair for the sake of time.

Also, keep in mind that what might work for me, might not work for you. Everyone’s hair is different.

1. Pre Poo

A pre-poo is a treatment done before shampooing to add moisture.

Shampoo strips the hair of oils, so a pre-poo prepares the hair for that, but it’s not necessary to do every wash day. Pre-poos are best done when your hair has been through a trauma and needed to prepare for the shock that comes with shampooing.

Pre-pooing is best done when:

your hair has been in a protective style for months
your hair is dehydrated and brittle
Pre-poo is unnecessary if you are going to condition afterward. Conditioning puts the moisture back into your hair after shampooing.

2. Trimming

Trimming is essential because it gets rid of damaged ends. Some people trim their hair every two weeks to a month. One should take their time with trimming, but trimming doesn’t have to be done that frequently. One can trim their hair when they feel they need to, not on a schedule.

3. Co-washing, Shampooing, and Conditioning
Washing one’s hair can take some time in the bathroom, but it doesn’t have to take long. Washing the hair in at least two sections makes the process easier and faster.

Sectioning the hair in twists take extra time. Instead, use hair ties (not rubber bands), looping around the hair once, That way it’s easier to pull off and put on.

Apply the shampoo to just the scalp (unless you have gel in your hair) and massage it in, then let the water run the shampoo down the hair.

Same with the conditioner. Apply it to the hair (not the scalp) and let the water run down the hair.

4. Detangling

Like I mentioned earlier, detangling is easier and quicker when done in sections. The more sections, the faster it will be.

You can detangle after putting conditioner in your hair, or you can detangle after putting a leave-in conditioner.

There are many naturals out there who suggest you finger detangle. It is more gentle on your hair, but for a lazy natural like myself, it isn’t the best option. When I finger detangle, I find myself not doing a thorough job. It’s easier and better for me to use a tool to detangle. Using a tool to detangle your hair doesn’t mean it will rip out your hair. It is possible to detangle your hair without being too hard which is why it’s a good idea to detangle in sections.

6. Drying

After styling your hair, it will take less time to let your hair air dry throughout the day or overnight instead of using a blowdryer which might cause more frizz. For wash n go’s, it’s all right to let it dry throughout the day because that’s what a wash n go should be. For twist and braid-outs, you can let it dry overnight or wear it covered up with a hat or scarf throughout the day. This way you don’t have to sit for about 45 minutes blow drying your hair.

7. Let your hair do its thing

Lastly, to save time doing your hair, you have to let your hair do its own thing. You will spend more time trying to force your hair to look a certain way than allowing your hair to do what it wants to do.

I went through a phase where I shingled to get perfect even spiraled curls. This method took me hours, and I was over it very quickly.

Now I apply my product in six large sections and let my hair curl up on its own. This cut down my time by more than half.


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