Naturals Please Stop Doing This

Natural hair is more accepted than it’s ever been. There are many natural youtubers online and many more natural hair blogs. There is an entire community that might not be as friendly as we think.

We are proud to wear our natural hair and naturally, we should be. It isn’t easy to step out of your comfort zone and explore the land of unknown. When we first go natural, most of us start out not knowing what our true hair texture is. We have to research and experiment on our hair until we find the routine that’s right for us. It’s far different from getting perms and relaxers. Along the journey, we have become too proud. We have become so proud that we shame others who don’t share our same views.

There are a few naturals who believe that wearing weave isn’t what “true” naturals do. They think that one shouldn’t define their curls using a product; instead, we should be wetting it and letting the hair do what it wants. Somehow we started to put natural hair on a pedestal, declaring it as the one way to wear hair. Yes, being natural does have some health benefits. Yes, it’s great to let our hair flourish in the way it was intended. This, however, does not give us permission to purge the world of relaxers and condemn those who choose to wear relaxers.

It is not our job to tell someone else how to wear their hair. We hate it when it’s done to us, so why should we do it to them?

If someone wants to put a relaxer in his or her hair, then let them.

If someone wants to wear wigs all year round, then let them.

If someone wants to wear hats all year round, then let them.

If someone wants to wear their curls defined or want to wear their curls undefined, then let them.

Let people make their own decisions without pressure from others.

The only type of hair I 100 percent do not approve of is the type of hair that doesn’t make a person happy.


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