Why I can’t write Romance Novels

If you didn’t know, I am an aspiring author. While I am trying to create a blog, my main passion is writing novels. I love to create stories. I like to create characters and weave their experiences together to form a plot. For those who believe that writing books are easy, I am here to debunk that myth. It’s not easy. It’s probably the most frustrating thing I’ve ever done in my life, but that’s not what I’m going to discuss in this post. I can explain why writing novels are hard later. Today I want to focus on why I suck at writing Romance novels.

Romance has to be one of the most popular genres, especially for women. Who doesn’t love a little bit of romance? It’s easy to relate to. I’ll admit that I read a few romance novels here and there.  It’s easy to enjoy, but I do believe that it’s a genre that can easily become a cliche. It’s a vast genre.

While I love reading Romance novels, I have a hard time writing them because I find myself getting burned out quickly. Keeping my interest is hard. It’s hard to make regular life interesting. I know it’s possible, but I’m not one of those writers who can do it.

I grew up watching animes such as Naruto, Naruto Shippuden, and Sailor Moon. I grew up reading urban fantasy novels. Richelle Mead’s Vampire Academy series is my favorite series to read. I like the action that these stories bring. I watch anime while working on my novels. They manage to get me in right writing mood. If I one of my books gets turned into an animated show someday, I will be living the dream.

I’m not saying that Romance novels aren’t great. There are a lot of great Romance novels out there, and I definitely will continue to read Romance novels. I do hope to write at least one in my lifetime, but it will be a learning experience for me.


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