Reasons why fame doesn’t sound like fun

When I was in middle school, I wanted to be an actress. I have the best parents because they supported me. They took me to acting class, allowed me to get professional pictures taken, and one audition. My mom and I went to this audition where we waited for hours in line. We finally reach the front, and they turn me away before I could speak. At the time I had braces. It was a waste of time, and I was over the entire experience. Over time I realized that acting would’ve been a terrible career choice for me because I hate people.

I would make the worst celebrity ever because I’m very anti-social. My boyfriend jokes about how I think everyone is out to get me, but on some level that is true. I take stranger danger to the next level. I’m aware of the world we live in, and I try to be mindful of my surroundings. Strangers bring a lot of unknown elements, and I am not too fond of that. I don’t know a stranger’s personality. I don’t know their motivations.

As a celebrity, I would never take pictures with fans or allow a fan to walk up to me. I’m too paranoid and pessimistic for that. I wouldn’t be able to tell a friend from foe. You would get body slammed by my bodyguard before you can look at me.

I also couldn’t be a celebrity because I like my privacy and I’m pretty sure I’m too insecure. Celebrities have to be on top of everything all the time. That’s what is expected of them. Fans expect their idols to be perfect all the time which in reality, isn’t possible. I hate that people put these celebrities on a pedestal. Stars can’t do any wrong in their eyes and give them too much power. Celebrities have a power that most of them don’t understand. What they say and do affects the rest of the world that’s watching them. People watch them and then copy them without thinking of the consequences.

Celebrities only hold part of the blame. Their fans hold the other part because they are the ones who give them this power. The fans make celebrities. They wouldn’t be who they are without their fans (even though some of them forget this fact.)

Some fans will do anything for their idols, and that’s something I will never understand. I don’t look up to any celebrities. I can’t name many actors and actresses by name. I can only remember their faces and the characters they played. I don’t allege myself with one entertainer. If I like a song, then I like a song. That doesn’t mean I have to ride or die for that entertainer. Fans will beef with one another because their favorite celebrities are beefing. Nicki Minaj vs. Cardi B was a thing, and I’m sitting here wondering, “why can’t I like both of them?”

Let’s say I’m a fan of the music.

In conclusion, I don’t want to be famous. At the most, I want to be author famous. I feel that there are plenty of successful writers who don’t get stopped at Walmart like they’re a rare animal in sighting. I want to be successful enough to live comfortably. I don’t need the expensive cars and mansions.


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