What is my niche? What is the purpose of my blog? Why did I start blogging?

What exactly is my niche? What is the purpose of my blog?

I don’t have a freaking clue.

Why did I start blogging?

To make money of course. I’m not afraid to say it.

I do enjoy writing which is why I want to make money from it.

You know what they say: Do something you love, so I started a blog.

I’ve been reading many blog posts about how to make money from blogs and what are the best niches to make money from, none of which I can do well.

The main niches I came across are:

  • how to make money
  • finances
  • fitness
  • beauty and fashion
  • lifestyle (how to and tips)

While I was trying to figure out a niche, I thought about this question: How can I write about any of these things when I either am still learning or have no idea about the topic.

  • I would love to know how to make money myself
  • I don’t know the first thing about finances
  • I hate exercise
  • I don’t give a crap about beauty and fashion. My wardrobe consists of black leggings
  • and T-shirts
  • How can I provide tips on life when I never leave my house?

I’m not master at anything (yet) so what useful information could I possibly give to my readers?

I wrote my first post in July of 2018 (this year), and so far my posts have fallen into four categories: natural hair, writing, relationships, or rants.

My most recent post was “5 Tips on Writing a Book,” and it felt weird for me to write it since I’m still trying to find my way in the art of writing. I’m not a master. I’m not a pro. I’ve only self-published two mediocre (in my opinion) novels that will probably never make much of a profit.

I can’t say, “Hey you should follow these tips” because I’m no James Patterson or J.k. Rowling. I have no credibility. All I can give is my opinion and tell you my experience.

I can’t write a bunch of “How-to’s” when I’m still reading them myself.

I’m only twenty-one, so I have a whole life that I still need to live. My routines will change. What I do now will probably change in the future. For now, all I can do is give my opinion and my experiences.

That is my niche. That is the purpose of my blog.

I want to share with the world my opinion and experiences in certain areas. One week I might tell you 5 tips on self-publishing (hmm, I might need to remember that idea) and the next week I might write about my top ten favorite songs.

It might not be the best way for me to make money from my blog, but I’ve never been the type to follow the trend. It’s either my way or the high way, unfortunately. I’m just going to have to hope that I can make money the way I want to.

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