Dating Apps: Love them or hate them?

In this post, I’m going to share my dating app experience.

If you read my post, “How I Got Over a 5 Year Relationship,” then you would know that I broke up with my boyfriend of 5 years a couple of months ago.


Once I was ready to start dating again (which didn’t take long at all), I decided to use dating apps for the first time because I felt it would be easier for me to find the type of guy I was into. I wanted to meet men who were looking for the same thing as me and dating apps made that easier for me.

I was very skeptical about dating apps because of the fear of being catfished. Anyone can be anyone on the internet, but I knew I would never meet anyone the old-fashioned way due to my social anxiety, so I went ahead and downloaded a dating app.


I can’t remember the first dating app I used because I literally deleted it after 5 seconds of use. Soon as I started the app, an old creep messaged me, and after that, I was done. There was no going past that so decided to use a different dating app.

I downloaded OkCupid.

Soon as you open the app, they’ll ask you questions about yourself such as what you want to get out of the app, what’s preference, etc. Once I answered these questions, I created my profile and wrote my bio (making sure to add a Spongebob reference.)

What I liked about OkCupid is that it displayed what everyone wanted out of the app whether that be to make new friends, to hookup, short-term relationship, or long-term relationship. I was looking for a long-term relationship. I was able to quickly swipe left on all the men who only wanted to hook up.

OkCupid also has an optional feature where you can answer a billion questions (I never made it to the end.) These questions asked your views on certain things, and you could see what other people responded. These were entirely optional, but I answered them for fun whenever I was bored.

I also tried Tinder for a day and deleted shortly after because it paled in comparison to OkCupid in my opinion. Every profile I looked at had nothing about the person and only had their snapchat (as if I want to follow their snapchat.)

So I deleted Tinder and continued on OkCupid where I had more success. I got a lot of likes and a few matches. I messaged a lot of guys until I finally the guy that ended up becoming my boyfriend.

Dating Apps: love them or hate them?


I think dating apps are a great way to meet someone, but there is a little strategy to it. Certain apps are suited for different people, and they all have a different feel. OkCupid made it find people who were looking for the thing (commitment) easier than tinder which was hard to tell who was only on the app for hookups and meetups, and who was looking for a soul mate.

Catfishers are out there, but that should deter you from using dating apps. You should remain aware and keep on swiping!

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