4 Things I Hate about Winter

I think it’s fair to say that most people prefer summer over winter. A lot of people like the warm weather, the ability to go swimming, and putting together barbeques. Other people enjoy the freezing white stuff (that doesn’t stay white for long) that falls from the sky. Which do I prefer? Neither, actually. I’m more of a fall person, not too hot and not too cold. 

While I love Christmas and Valentines Day, here are 4 things I hate about winter.

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1. Icicles of Death

If you live in an area where it snows and rains, then you’ve experienced the icicles that can form at the end of your roof or on the edge of your gutters. They might be unavoidable, and sometimes, you can ignore them, but when they became large and sharp, then you have to be careful. Several large icicles are hanging above from the edge of my roof above my door, and every time I either enter or leave my apartment, I fear that one of those icicles will come down on my head and take me out the game.

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2. Hats

Because of the cold weather, we need hats to keep our heads warm. They’re essential when stepping out during the winter, and since I walk to class, I have to wear a hat. Does that mean I want to wear a hat? No. Why don’t I want to wear a hat? It flattens my 4c hair. (If you don’t know what 4c hair means, then check out some of my natural hair blog posts. The thing with 4c hair is that it will take the form and shape of anything. I put in the time and effort to style my hair only for it to succumb to my hat and get smashed against my head. And I can’t merely walk outside without a hat on. The cold air is not good for 4c hair and scalp.

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3. Wind

Wind in the winter time is ridiculous. Winter doesn’t even have to be that cold with a coat on, but the winds make it worse, and it sucks for us who have to walk in it. It sucks worse for those who have to live in it. Wind makes winter worse especially when there’s loose snow everywhere. I hate when I’m walking by a building, and the wind knocks the snow off the roof in my direction. Nothing tastes better than a mouthful of roof snow (note my sarcasm.)

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4. Ice

I think this one is pretty obvious. Ice usually forms when it rains in the winter, and by the next day, that same water is frozen on the streets and sidewalks. Ice can be dangerous because it makes everything slippery. It makes the roads harder to drive on. It makes the sidewalks harder to walk on. When I walk to class, I have to be careful not to move too fast in fear of falling on my butt.

In conclusion, winter sucks. We’ll just have to buckle down and prepare for the long months ahead of us.


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