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I cut off my hair. Here’s that story.

I have been putting off writing this blog post for about two months now, and I think it’s about time I tell you about me cutting off my hair before it gets away from me. Some of you might not know that I’ve been…

True- by made beautiful Review

My summer hair product journey came to an end with True by made beautiful.

Why Natural Hair is hard to manage

Natural Hair is hard to manage because you make it hard. You never hear women with straight or wavy hair say that their hair is hard to manage. Why do only women with kinky and curly hair say that their hair is too hard…

Eco Styler Black Castor and Flaxseed Oil Review

I know I’m late to the game with this one. (Note: this review is for 4 type hair since that’s the hair type I have in my head.) So this summer of 2018 I decided to test out different hair products on my hair…

Naturals Please Stop Doing This

Natural hair is more accepted than it’s ever been. There are many natural youtubers online and many more natural hair blogs. There is an entire community that might not be as friendly as we think.

How to spend less time doing your hair as a natural

Most people decide to quit their natural hair journey because they feel that their hair is hard to manage. They believe that their natural hair takes too long to do. It does take some time to one’s hair depending on the style they’re trying…

ORS Curls Unleashed Review

I’m currently in a search for hair products that work well with my hair. I needed a non-Gel product that will define my hair. I came upon ORS Curls Unleashed line and thought it was something to try. In this post, I will explain…

The Panic Over Ecostyler Gel

Ecostyler has been the staple for many naturals for years and now that might be over.