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Wattpad Cliches

Wattpad is a site where writers and readers of different ages and backgrounds come together to share their stories. Wattpad has blown up over the years, increasing in users from newbies to professional writers. I joined Wattpad in 2011 and since then, have noticed…

I Hate Trying NEW Things!

Warning: this is a rant

Reasons why fame doesn’t sound like fun

When I was in middle school, I wanted to be an actress. I have the best parents because they supported me. They took me to acting class, allowed me to get professional pictures taken, and one audition. My mom and I went to this…

Naturals Please Stop Doing This

Natural hair is more accepted than it’s ever been. There are many natural youtubers online and many more natural hair blogs. There is an entire community that might not be as friendly as we think.

I don’t understand Side Piece Culture

Am i seriously writing about side pieces? I sure am.